Innovative design and tools

A New Tool in the ShedToday we welcome a new 27-inch iMac with all the bells and whistles. We have set up Creative Cloud for Adobe Illustrator (which I have referred to as my right hand for the past 20 years), Photoshop and InDesign. Adobe Premier if wanted or trusty iMovie for Youtube and Instagram […]


Sterling Label Design

This weekend I could be celebrating my five years as the marketing manager at Amherst Label. Instead of a party, I’m uploading a new STERLING website. My colleague and I at Amherst Label wanted to show a customer STERLING’s capabilities, which dovetail beautifully with Amherst Label’s art department’s services.  Because of Amherst Label’s 42 years […]


The perfect weather for Website building

Dreary winter days—when the snow is unsuitable for skiing, the ice isn’t strong enough for skating, and the woods are too slippery for hiking—those miserable days are ideal for Website building. Compound the climatic misery with a mega head cold contracted on New Year’s Eve, and I am in just the right condition for exploring […]

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