Dreary winter days—when the snow is unsuitable for skiing, the ice isn’t strong enough for skating, and the woods are too slippery for hiking—those miserable days are ideal for Website building. Compound the climatic misery with a mega head cold contracted on New Year’s Eve, and I am in just the right condition for exploring WordPress theme mysteries.

And so, here it is. STERLING design & communications’ first Website since 2014… or possibly earlier. Shoemaker’s children syndrome combined with an aversion to beating the drum except for others.

In the time since I uploaded our last Website, marketing communications (referred to as “the stack” within the Rte. 128 beltway) has evolved faster than the urban dictionary of text message acronyms. Sometimes it pays not to be an early adopter, since every fad doesn’t endure. But today it is easier than ever to communicate with prospects, to grow a client base and to build a business.

Does anyone still advertise in newspapers? Yes, but don’t overlook the online version of the publication; it might be a better choice, depending on target audience. Does radio still get results, like the old, familiar slogan claimed? Yes. Radio is a great way to reach certain people in their cars. The power of print, including direct mail, has huge impact in reaching people in their homes. And today, digital print makes direct mail faster and more easily customized than ever before.

Five years ago, a client adamantly told me Facebook was a waste of time. Today, we all know that business reputations can be shaped effectively on social media. And self-publishing on social media is an excellent supplement to advertising and issuing press releases to magazines and newspapers.

When I first heard the term “digital marketing,” I took offense, believing wholeheartedly that effective marketing requires tried and true strategy, creativity and execution through many channels. I still know the message needs to be tailored to the target audience and delivered in the best way to reach that audience. But how fun is digital marketing? Email messaging, Websites, landing pages, social media. 

I have known since I was ten years old that I had a calling. I wanted to help people communicate through words and images. 

This Website shares some our past projects—lots of words and images.  Themes, slogans and copy writing combined with logos, photography and illustration.

Please consider this Website content an open invitation to consider STERLING design & communications if what we do can help you achieve your goals.

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