A New Tool in the Shed
Today we welcome a new 27-inch iMac with all the bells and whistles. We have set up Creative Cloud for Adobe Illustrator (which I have referred to as my right hand for the past 20 years), Photoshop and InDesign. Adobe Premier if wanted or trusty iMovie for Youtube and Instagram movies. All hooked up, synched and ready to design logos, email marketing campaigns, social media content and websites.

It is as exciting as a new pair of Converse hightops at the start of basketball season. Or a new glove for softball. Similar too, in that it needs breaking in a little before inspiring complete confidence.

History of Innovative Solutions
The first Mac owned by Sterling Design & Communications arrived in 1986 with more questions than answers, more external drives and floppy disks than self-contained horsepower. The work area screen was the size of post cards we design now—larger than post cards we designed then. But that little Mac Plus connected to an electronic piano with 88 keys that played like a traditional piano. The tandem gave us the Jetson’s version of a player piano. Our family member born at Christmastime could hear carols at her birthday parties. We could all sing along. It was such an innovation.

A Mac-driven player piano may not be as revolutionary as the myriad of digital marketing automation tools available today. But together, there is strength. What makes Sterling unique is our experience with design, communication, marketing and strategy. With a souped up Mac or two in our studio, we are ready to help you identify your audience, attract new prospects and reach your goals.

Shout out
Thank you Brown Computer Solutions for local sourcing and service and for being open until 7pm. Long live local!

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